Juniper Douglas Returns Home

Five people living in a converted school bus and touring the country for nearly six months. They’re back and invited me to their homecoming show last week. Here are some lovely photos. (turn your brightness up for full effect)

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CHVRCHES @ The Palace Theater 10/02/18

“Get two beers in me and I’m up for anything,” Logan said to me last night, and apparently anything includes going to a capital P, Pop concert on a Tuesday night. After last minute confirmation, we ended up going and turned out to be some of the youngest there. The average age of audience members was probably 29 and everyone seemed to be drinking more than I think is necessary for a Tuesday night. Nevertheless! It was a great show and 16 year old Maia was peeing her pants so excited that I was this close to Lauren Mayberry. Photos below (I went a little over board, but JUST LOOK AT THEM!).



SALES @ 7th St Entry 09/05/18

SALES and I go way back, not in a one-on-one, friendly sort of way, but in the way that their music has been the soundtrack to so much of my conscious, music-seeking/listening part of life. I remember hearing “Chinese New Year” way back during my junior year of high school and thinking, “wow, this sounds like summer.” Still today, it’s one of my favorite songs to play when the weather starts getting warm.

“Renee” and “Getting It On” is the beach in Florida, “Jamz” is community college, “For You” is a summer romance, “Thurs 6-25” is starting at the U, “Off and On” is last winter, and “You Look Well” is finishing finals last spring.

I’ve waited ages to see this band it seems and I was a bit nervous that they wouldn’t hold up live just because of the pedestal they’re on inside my head, but boy did they. What a good night. Wow.



Beach Bunny, Unturned, Why Not @ Fallout Urban Arts Center 08/21/18

Boy howdy, Beach Bunny finally had another MPLS gig before they embark on a west coast tour opening for Remo Drive. Super proud of Lili and the boys, and it was really warming to hear all those people singing along to her songs, brought tears to my eyes! Why Not opened the show with high energy as always even though they had just gotten back from their second tour of the summer only hours before. (They released a new single that night also, listen to it below!) Unturned is a band I’ve heard a lot about but hadn’t seen yet nor had I ever listened to their music, and if you’re thinking, like I was, “wow, Unturned sounds like an emo band name,” you would be correct! Think Retirement Party-ish – lots of fun. Here are some photos!

Why Not







Beach Bunny



There’s a lot of stuff in this room: a video premiere for Juniper Douglas’ “Promiseland Bakery”

Bouncy balls, veggies, humans, a cat, choreographed dancing, and musical instruments, so many different instruments. The new video from Juniper Douglas has it all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Juniper Douglas, the local indie band/art-creation collective, but after taking some time to find themselves, they’re back with a new single. In their typical style, “Promiseland Bakery” stretches and winds through itself bringing psych rock and indie rock to a middle point. Watch the endearing new music video for “Promiseland Bakery” below and find out if they find the rock.

Ghost @ The Palace Theater 06/01/18

These are really late, but I worked all weekend and haven’t been feeling great so we’ll pretend those are valid excuses. BUT last Friday I got to shoot for Ghost, the Swedish pop-metal band, on the day of their fourth album release. This show had been sold out for quite some time, and while I’m not a huge fan of their music (it should be way heavier considering their whole occult image, in my opinion) the theatrics and novelty of their performance made up for it. I’m glad nobody died at the Minneapolis show, Cardinal Copia paid respects to the passed fan from Milwaukee just two songs into the first set. Sad my dad couldn’t be there with me to people watch, but enjoy the photos, they were fun to shoot!