Early Eyes EP Release show with Sass and The Happy Children @ 7th St Entry 5/25/17

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it forever; I love Early Eyes. I’m so proud of these boys, and am honored to have watched them grow so much in just the past year. From basement shows, to selling out a Current sponsored, 7th St Entry show, They’ve definitely come into their own.

First on the bill was the grungy, 90s alt-inspired babes Sass, who I also love. I saw them a few months ago and fell in love with Stephanie Murk’s (also of Tony Peachka) energy and vocals. I remember going home and looking them up only to find that they just had one song online, “Ragged Strawberry”. It was really cool to see two sides of the music scene, bands that normally don’t play together, join up for this show.

Next up was The Happy Children of Normal Parents, another local fav who also seem to be growing exponentially in popularity. Folks last night might have recognized their new drummer as Jon Lindquist of the local, progressive rock band, Denim Matriarch – he’s probably the happiest drummer I’ve ever seen, like ever.  Despite a little mishap where Caleb broke two strings at once, The Happy Children put on a great show as always. It was nice to see ya’ll around again, we’ve missed you guys!

And of course, headlining was the beloved Early Eyes. Celebrating the release of their debut EP, Minutes, you could just tell how excited they all were to be there. Starting with a first with a few unreleased tracks, they then jumped into the EP, playing it straight through. With help from their friend Sophia Cruz on vocals (she’s also featured in the EP!) there was absolutely no lack of smiles or dancing. Early Eyes played a new song titled “Coffee” later in the set, followed by a whole list of shout outs starting with Wyatt’s mom who came from NJ, the openers and The Current, to Des’s best friend from high school, Steven.

The boys came back out for a two song encore that started with their beautiful cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me” – I didn’t scream louder the entire night (see the poorly shot snippet above). They closed the evening with the famed “Vape Juice” complete with the nearly entire audience rowdily screaming along. When I asked Jake if he had anything he wanted to say about the night, he went back and forth on what to say, joking about how he wanted to stage dive and nobody caught him, and finally settled on “thank you so much for coming tonight, Maia!” When I thanked him for playing The Cure cover, he said he knew it was my favorite, and my love for Early Eyes only grew. Here’s to you, boys. Stay humble, for you are so loved.


Perfume Genius with serpentwithfeet @ The Cedar Cultural Center 5/24/17

I know this show will be way up there on my list of favorite shows for this year. Both artists’ talent demanded complete, haunting, silence from the audience. It was such a beautiful thing to be a part of, to have experienced, and I’m forever grateful for that.

I wish I would have caught more of serpentwithfeet’s set, I only got to see the last three or four songs, but loved it nonetheless. Josiah Wise, a classically trained singer, drew the crowd in with powerful, whispering vocals on vulnerable songs that were shamelessly queer. There was this confident hurt about his music and stage presence that made me feel like Wise could destroy your life with a single look if he wanted to. Serpentwithfeet finished their set with “four ethers” off the 2016 blisters ep, effectively gaining the respect and love of everyone in that room.

I was nervous that Perfume Genius would only play songs off the brand new album No Shape, because I am a bigger fan of their second and third albums. After starting off with some of the hits off No Shape like “Otherside” and “Just Like Love”, I was glad to find that that was not the case. About a third of the way into the set, Mike Hadreas announced that he was “gonna play a few softer numbers,” followed by some of my absolute favorites off the second album, Put Your Back N 2 It: the simply swoon-y “Normal Song,” the piano heavy “Dark Parts,” and “All Waters,” which I’ve been sobbing to since freshman year of high school.

Towards the end of the night, the music picked back up with more hits from the new album. An audience member yelled “Queen!” to which Hadreas replied, “Heh. . . Actually I’m not going to play that one tonight . . . Just kidding. . .” Closing the set heavily with, “Slip Away,” the band quietly and humbly walked off stage.

Hadreas returned solo shortly after for a six song encore that began with “Alan” which had me frozen in place with tears sliding down my face. The encore also included a beautiful piano cover of Big Star’s ballad “Kanga Roo,” before closing the night with the famed “Queen” which probably received the most dancing all night. All in all, gorgeous night, gorgeous music, I highly, highly recommend Perfume Genius live. Some photos below 🙂

Alex Napping @ Seward Cafe 5/19/17

Well this weekend was one that usually kicks off the warm weather and happy, almost-summer vibes with the beloved Art-a-Whirl, but MPLS was met with some unfortunately cold and rainy weather. BUT it might have been a good thing because then I didn’t feel bad about going to a show that wasn’t part of the Art-a-Whirl lineups.

Alex Napping played the Seward Cafe Friday night with support from local loves 4th Curtis, Wetter, and Gully Boys. The Austin, TX band is on tour in support of their latest album release, Mise En Place. After having seen them perform live, they just solidified my love for artists on Father/Daughter Records.

Opening their set with a weird, energetically calm presence about them and their playing, Alex Napping fit perfectly into the Seward Cafe scene. The band started with a few of their more chill songs off the new album, like “Tender” and “Fault”, before stepping it up towards the end.

There was exuberant dancing from Alex Napping’s bassist, Tomas Garcia-Olano, throughout their whole set, no matter the song tempo. Right before they played their last song, lead singer, Alex Cohen, invited the audience to “scoot a little closer for [their] last song. . . if you want,” the crowd did so without issue as the band started in on “Temperamental Bed.”

Thanks to everyone for a lovely night 🙂

Colin Campbell & The Shackletons and Remo Drive @ The Whole 5/5/17

This was the first time I’ve seen The Shackletons live – I’ve heard a lot of buzz about them but very seriously had never listened to their music and I was gladly surprised! Not sure what I was expecting, but their blues-infused, rock and roll tunes were a fun time nonetheless and they got the crowd moving before every Minneapolis college kid’s favorite “indie-emo-punk” band, Remo Drive took the stage. I was also surprised to find that half of the famed and forgotten local band Blatant Youth was in the building, one member playing and one emceeing. I think  Early Eyes said it best, or tweeted rather, “there’s nothing better than the sweaty half-hugs that take place in a mosh pit. Love. @RemoDrive.” It was such a nice break from writing final papers and essays – I loved everything that night and have the best friends to share music with :’)

Testament, Sepultura, and Prong @ First Ave Mainroom 5/3/17

I had the opportunity to shoot the First Ave Mainroom for the first time a few nights ago for one of my dad’s favorite bands actually. Although he couldn’t be there with me, it was still a very cool experience and I felt like such a badass being not only the youngest, but also the only female photographer that night. Also I saw a girl punch a man in the face for trying to keep her from going into the mosh pit and that was pretty cool too.

The Florists EP Release Show with Miami Dolphins, Fiji 13, and IE @ Triple Rock 4/28/17

Here’s to a good night with very good music even though I had been up since 4:30 am and was too sleepy to dance. To The Florists – I love you forever, you kind souls. And to the boy who I’m internet friends with and who wore a flower crown and was happy dancing throughout The Florists’ set – I feel you, and thank you for having more energy than me. Here are some pictures from the evening 🙂