Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile @ The Palace Theater 10/25/17

This show was very sold out. I thought Fleet Foxes was crowded, but this topped that easily. All the young people were stoned, all the middle aged people were drinking and talking too much, all the old people were singing along really loudly. The crowd honestly pissed me off at first, but as we shifted throughout the set, it ended up just fine.

I’m not a huge Kurt Vile fan, I mean I enjoy his music and I used to listen to him a lot in Florida, but I don’t know his work extensively. Courtney Barnett, on the other hand, I’ve loved for so long. I was happy, just like the rest of the audience, that they both mixed some of their own work into their set that consisted mainly of their collaboration material – Lotta Sea Lice.

I have to say that Courtney may have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard live. I was absolutely stunned – it was SO GOOD. I had a major flashback as she closed the night with “Avant Gardener.” All of a sudden I was 16 again, sitting on the floor of my parents basement, starring at a half-finished drawing on my easel that was due in less than 8 hours. I only listened to The Current in the basement and I can still remember hearing this song announced for the first time from “a gal out of Australia – Courtney Barnett.” Something about that song has always stuck with me, has always made me feel so calm and content, and I hope that it always does.



Girlpool with Palm and Lala Lala @ Triple Rock 10/23

First things first; RIP Triple Rock Social Club, you are so loved. Below is another ~LiSt~ and also photos!

  • Lala Lala are my new favorites – they killed it and you should always go see the openers
  • one English accent and so many braids
  • That cutie I saw at work the other day is here in a red blazer (!)
  • Sean and Hannah and Leah :’)
  • Palm is for a specific audience – the guys behind us loved it. Hannah hated it.
  • Palm is moving to MPLS soon, go check em out!
  • Baby Leah is so happy about Girlpool and so not happy about college (who is really?)
  • Cleo just got their wisdom teeth out and damn can they sing!
  • I wish I was brave enough for lime green eye shadow – such a cool look, Harmony
  • Even though a lot of us would’ve liked them to have played “Before The World Was Big”, still an amazing set
  • Finished with “Chinatown” and everyone was good and happy.

Lala Lala






Beach Fossils with Snail Mail @ The 7th St Entry 10/18/17

Here are some photos from the other night with Beach Fossils and Snail Mail! This was truly the best show I’ve been to alone since Adult Mom back in the spring. During Beach Fossils’ set, I just kept thinking about summer in Florida and everything was good. Also @SnailMailBand I’m the Maia you said hey to on stage :’)


Alvvays’ new album “Antisocialites”

Self-proclaimed “jangle pop” group Alvvays spent the summer traveling the world with an updated lineup of dreamy, nostalgic tunes. The North American leg of the Antisocialites Tour kicked off in early October and will wrap up in their home city of Toronto with five sold-out nights in a row. If that doesn’t say enough about who they are, the new Alvvays record, Antisocialites, has received glowing reviews across the board.

Antisocialites delivers a dose of 60s-inspired, indie pop that could act as the soundtrack for a vintage movie (Ed: see the video for “Dreams Tonight” below!) or afternoon joy ride. Critics call it honest, romantic, and thoughtful, departing from the chiming melodies on their first self-titled record, but earning equally high praises.

Alvvays by Arden Wray (1)

Singer-songwriter Molly Rankin grew up around 90s-era, Celtic folk music, but lists bands like The Magnetic Fields, Teenage Fanclub, and The Smiths as her primary influences. She and keyboardist, Kerri MacLellan, formed Alvvays in 2011 and took up roots in Toronto’s quirky scene. The band toured with major indie acts like Peter Bjorn and John and The Decemberists early in their career.

After a few years of exposure in the mainstream alternative world, they signed with Polyvinyl Records, joining a power roster along with American Football, Of Montreal, and White Reaper. Though they are often compared to Best Coast and The Cranberries, Alvvays has established their own uniquely rosy, ethereal sound that combines surf rock with noise pop.

Have a listen to Alvvays’ brilliant, kaleidoscopic new album, Antisocialites, and catch them in the First Ave Mainroom on Nov. 2nd for a show that will surely leave you starry-eyed. (Ed: ALSO check back here afterwards for coverage of the live show!)

Words by Hannah Hubbell


Q-Pup’s new album Peaceful Night

This album is unconventional to say the least, but it has all the best qualities of experimental electronic music and bedroom-folk, with a good dose of some heavy distortion. Eighteen short songs spanning a mere 34 minutes may seem like it would be an easy listen, but Q-Pup’s new album Peaceful Night demands the listener’s attention and their emotion.

As I was giving this album a first listen, I noticed five different versions of the same song, scattered throughout, “Peaceful Night.” The whole No. 1-5 variety deal is evocative of Arcade Fire – but when I say different, I mean very different. If it weren’t for the lyrics, you wouldn’t know they were all versions of the same song.

Slower, more intentional songs like “Holiday, Holiday” had me seeing sad, indie movie montages of friends hanging out and loving each other and just being friends. But then “Quiet” jumps in immediately after, disrupting those head-scenes, but not necessarily in a bad way, just in a way that lets you know it’s time to move on.

The album is available tomorrow on Subaquatic Records and is absolutely worth taking the time to listen to intentionally. Whether you need to focus in, or tune out for a little while, let Peaceful Night be the soundtrack.

Hound’s Upcoming Album: Born Under 76

My dad previewed the upcoming album from Philly-based ” proto metal/hard rock influenced band” Hound. Born Under 76 is due for release October 20th. Here’s what he had to say:

“Their sound is straightforward rock and roll – nothing flashy. It can get a bit grimy at times and that’s a good thing. I don’t like to equate band’s sound and styling to one and another, but for the sake of giving you a good idea of what to expect, I will. On first listen to Hound’s upcoming full length, Born Under 76, I can hear some Clutch, Monster Magnet and Melvin’s all balled up into one. If you are into rock with a little of that bluesy grunge and punk tendencies, then I think you will enjoy this.

As I went through the album I could envision them in a dingy, smoke-filled, hole-in-the-wall club, with a rowdy crowd. The stand out tracks for me are “Aqualamb” and “Demon Eyes.” I think they best represent and encompass the overall sound and feel of the entire album. I really enjoyed the album and if you are interested, the new album, Born Under 76, will be available Oct 20. Hound is also in town tonight at the Minneapolis Eagles Club – if you have the evening off, check them out!”

Fleet Foxes with Nap Eyes @ The Palace Theater 10/01/17

I was at The Palace Theater again this past Sunday for the second Fleet Foxes show of the weekend. Though I’m not a huge fan, it actually turned out I was less familiar with their music than I thought, I still enjoyed myself and the performance was really really pretty. Below are some photos I took of Fleet Foxes and their Nova Scotia-native openers, Nap Eyes. 🙂