Beach Bunny, Unturned, Why Not @ Fallout Urban Arts Center 08/21/18

Boy howdy, Beach Bunny finally had another MPLS gig before they embark on a west coast tour opening for Remo Drive. Super proud of Lili and the boys, and it was really warming to hear all those people singing along to her songs, brought tears to my eyes! Why Not opened the show with high energy as always even though they had just gotten back from their second tour of the summer only hours before. (They released a new single that night also, listen to it below!) Unturned is a band I’ve heard a lot about but hadn’t seen yet nor had I ever listened to their music, and if you’re thinking, like I was, “wow, Unturned sounds like an emo band name,” you would be correct! Think Retirement Party-ish – lots of fun. Here are some photos!

Why Not







Beach Bunny




Diet Cig with The Spook School and Great Grandpa @ The Whole 2/3/18

Last night was truly a celebration of friendship and crushes, so shout out to all the bands, shout out to all the friends, and shout out to all the crushes :’)

The Spook School

Real good for those of us that have been missing some quality indie pop in our lives but have outgrown listening to the The Naked and Famous’ first album and TDCC on repeat. For fans of Radiator Hospital, The Maccabees, and Remember Sports. Songs to listen to: “Still Alive,” “Keep in Touch,” and “Body.”


Great Grandpa

I’ll say this a million times over, again and again until I’m dead, then I’ll haunt everyone I know in the afterlife and still be saying this, but ladies who scream on stage are SO cool. The coolest. For fans of Charly Bliss, Bully, and Cayetana. Songs to listen to: “Teen Challenge,” “28 J’s L8R,” and “NO.”


Mid-Post Friendship Appreciation

Hi Margie. Hi Syd. I love you both a lot.


Diet Cig

They hold a special place in my heart. The first gig review for Got Any Tunes, the first interview for Got Any Tunes, led by a kick-ass lady who loves glitter just as much as I do. Their tunes are empowering and cathartic and perfect for scream-singing  and dancing all your feelings away. For fans of friendship and love and crushes and everything good and wholesome and fun in this world. Songs to listen to: Literally all of them, but especially “Pool Boyz,” “Scene Sick,” and “Bite Back.” Diet Cig, Alex and Noah (plus Anna and Karli), you are so loved.

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Q-Pup’s new album Peaceful Night

This album is unconventional to say the least, but it has all the best qualities of experimental electronic music and bedroom-folk, with a good dose of some heavy distortion. Eighteen short songs spanning a mere 34 minutes may seem like it would be an easy listen, but Q-Pup’s new album Peaceful Night demands the listener’s attention and their emotion.

As I was giving this album a first listen, I noticed five different versions of the same song, scattered throughout, “Peaceful Night.” The whole No. 1-5 variety deal is evocative of Arcade Fire – but when I say different, I mean very different. If it weren’t for the lyrics, you wouldn’t know they were all versions of the same song.

Slower, more intentional songs like “Holiday, Holiday” had me seeing sad, indie movie montages of friends hanging out and loving each other and just being friends. But then “Quiet” jumps in immediately after, disrupting those head-scenes, but not necessarily in a bad way, just in a way that lets you know it’s time to move on.

The album is available tomorrow on Subaquatic Records and is absolutely worth taking the time to listen to intentionally. Whether you need to focus in, or tune out for a little while, let Peaceful Night be the soundtrack.

The Shackletons and friends at Triple Rock Social Club 08/23/17

Colin Campbell and The Shackletons headlined quite the party at Triple Rock Wednesday night and all the kids came out for it. With support from friends’ bands Ping Pong Intermission, Last Import, and Ahem, the audience was dancing all night long. Below are some photos and a notebook dump!? It’s been awhile since I made a list on here!

Random Notebook Dump

  • They covered Fidlar and I wish Margie was here
  • The teens have gone wild! (Sink or Swim // Ping Pong Intermission)
  • Last Import’s drummer is badass
  • I know their lead singer from somewhere (Hey grrrl, we stood next to each other at Father John Misty 🙂
  • I like girl bands the most always
  • indie rock riot grrrl
  • “They sound like Spongebob together!” – Jack
  • the safari vest man is lip syncing but doesn’t actually know the lyrics….
  • Such characters, they have this stage presence thing down pat
  • I met a new Sophia tonight, she has witch shoes and likes to dance. Miss my own Sophie
  • Safari vest man still has no idea whats going on, asked me how much my camera cost, and is pissed about everyone moshing…?
  • majestic headbanger knows all the lyrics
  • music video for “Minnesota Girls” ! 


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Zophia Dadlez @ Ginko’s 7/29

Rewind to last summer when I spent way too many hours on Rookie Mag in a stuffy office in South Florida. I read this piece (and this one a few months later!) on a road trip for artists; like literally a bunch of teenage artists got in an RV and took a road trip from MPLS to New York and worked on their art work. While this sounded like the road trip of my teenage-art-school-longing dreams, I was super excited to see something on Rookie from my lovely city. I messaged the writer/artist, Zophia Dadlez, gushing about how cool I thought the whole thing was and then we became internet friends.

This past year, having been back in MN, I was able to feature some of Dadlez’s songs (because yes, she does do it all) on Gamma’s monthly playlists. The one thing that for some reason or another we never did was meet in person – until last Saturday.

Dadlez played her first gig ever on Saturday opening for local songbird, Gabby Z. A handful of originals from the 2016 release, ZJD, as well as a handful of covers including some of my favorite artists. Three songs in and I had written down that she reminded me of the Crutchfield sisters (Allison Crutchfield and Waxahatchee), Daughter, and Julien Baker. Sure enough, Dadlez covered tracks from both Waxahatchee and Julien.

It warmed my heart to see the room filled and near silent as Dadlez calmly joked about the sadness of her set and how she was “sick of singing about [her] boyfriend from two years ago.” She closed her set with her most popular track, “Prayer for a Warm November,” as friends in the audience whispered the lyrics to themselves, transfixed on Dadlez’s soft smile to herself.

You can check out more of her music, originals and covers, on her soundcloud! Thanks Zophia, it was so nice to finally meet you!

Evenings // Austin Lombardo

Evenings is the perfect soundtrack for a Friday night, whether it be 2 hours or 12.

 Subaquatic Records presents Evenings.
A chopped and screwed, 8-track collage of psychedelia recorded entirely in his living room, Austin Lombardo (The Everett Interpretation) invites listeners into his home. His living room being cluttered mess of tape machines, Keeping Up With The Kardashians DVDs, pizza boxes and Soft Machine vinyls in place of feng shui.
Austin Album real
Instead of burying what some may consider recording blemishes Lombardo embraces the analog recordings, warts and all. This allows for the project to flow as a mix of brain droppings while still maintaining a singular voice throughout.
Evenings is the perfect soundtrack for a Friday night, whether it be 2 hours or 12.

[words provided by Subaquatic Records]