Angus and Julia Stone with Luke Sital-Singh @ Fine Line 11/22/17

Hope ya’ll enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving with your families! I was lucky enough to kick off the holiday break with cancelled classes and a free ticket to see Luke Sital-Singh and  Angus and Julia Stone, some of my favorite singer-songwriters.

I’ve been following Angus and Julia since the end of middle school – I would listen to Down The Way on repeat on those long, small town, school bus rides. And Luke was introduced to me in high school by a friend who’s “friend, [I] wouldn’t know him because he goes to a different school, but he has this really good spotify playlist that [I] should listen to.” (Sophie and Zach, I’m talking about you).

Before the show, talk in the crowd seemed to be mainly and excitedly about Angus and Julia, but London’s sadboy, Luke Sital-Singh definitely wooed everyone with those hauntingly beautiful songs. I’m pretty sure I hear everybody’s heart’s crack open just a little bit, love and pain spilling out and consuming us all for the rest of his set and for a little bit afterward. He ended with “Nothing Stays The Same,” the first of his I ever heard, and everything seemed to wrap up really nicely, coming full circle.

So I’ve been seriously over-listening to Angus and Julia’s new album, Snow, since it’s release. So. Good. (you can watch the cutest music video ever for the title track below, also Dacre Montgomery is in the video for “Chateau”) The Australian sibling duo were accompanied by musicians from all around the world as Julia later told us, and they put on one of the most honest shows I’ve seen in a while. They exuded humbleness and kept telling us how thankful they were to be where they are, “Angus and I consider ourselves pretty lucky kids,” Julia said. They played quite a bit of new music, but also touched enough of their older hits to satisfy everyone in the crowd – I was just as excited to hear it all.

Maybe it’s where I was standing, but unfortunately, Angus’s vocals were a little drowned out by the guitar in a many songs. I thought I was a pretty big fan, but seeing and hearing some of the craziness up by the stage, I was definitely one-upped, or possibly just very sober compared to everyone else. They came back for an encore, playing “Yellow Brick Road” and “Santa Monica Dream” much to the audiences enthusiasm, making us all fall in love with them all over again.

Luke Sital-Singh


Angus and Julia Stone



Alvvays with Jay Som @ First Ave 11/02/17

Another late one, woo! Ms. Hannah, Got Any Tunes’s Alvvays expert, shared a notebook dump of observations and below are some photos I shot – Enjoy!

  • Alvvays is the type of band you’d bring home to your mom– cordial and collected with a sprinkling of comedy.
  • If you can believe it, “Archie, Marry Me” actually sounds better when it’s accompanied by a singing audience.
  • With Molly in her jazzy janitor suit and Kerri in her teacher-y plaid trousers, the two ladies tag-teamed the Grade School Faculty™ look. If you know me, you know I ate it right up.
  • The lights really corresponded with the mood of every song, especially “Party Police” (a personal fave). Emotion is so raw in color.
  • Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties during their set, but watching how they worked through them and supported each other was extra heartwarming.
  • Definitely saw Monica Laplante as I was waiting in line! Always fun to get an idea about what inspires our very own local scene here in Minneapolis.
  • What was that cover they closed with?! Such a fun song for them. Tried and failed to find it on the Internet though. Wondering if it came from friends of theirs?
  • Jay Som gave us a beautiful introduction to an overall fantastic night. I walked in right as they started “I Think You’re Alright.” Check them out if you haven’t!



Jay Som




Soccer Mommy @ The Cedar Cultural Center 11/01/17

A couple weeks have past since this show, and I’m blaming school for the late post. BUT below are a couple shots from when Soccer Mommy (my second favorite band with some form of the word mom in their name – stay tuned for end of the year lists in December) played the Cedar, as well as a **~HoT tAkE~** by non other than Minneapolis’s number one Soccer Mommy fan, one of the greatest people I know, Margie Yetzer :’)

“She [Sophie Allison] is a queen! She’s a go to when I’m sad and even more when I’m just thinking and walking because she makes great comments on relationships that are one-sided or lopsided and she has such a beautiful and unique voice. I love “Blood Honey” when she gets all nasally and for some reason that is so pure and honest to me!!! Also her all brown outfit at the show was A Look™.”