Newcastle newcomers ALXNDR are making quite the name for themselves.
Having a large amount of regional radio play, national television exposure, an exponentially growing fan base with an extensive online presence, 25k views on YouTube the day their last single “Four a.m.” was released, as well as a headlining UK tour in October with several sold out shows. Infusing 90’s into modern indie pop, the 3-piece gives inspirational credit to bands such as The Cardigans, Tupac, and Natalie Imbrugalia. Their newest single “YOU&ME” released the 13th of November is off of their freshly released debut EP RWND, that came out on the 18th. “YOU&ME” sounds like it’s straight off an indie film soundtrack—the shot where the love interests or best friends are driving down an empty two lane road, windows down, music loud, hearts happy. ALXNDR has created an easy, airy, alternative pop that you can’t help but sing along to.

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