4th Curtis’s album release show @ 7th St Entry

As I left the venue last night full of happiness an overwhelming sense of community, I noticed a straggler from the main room’s show (some country musician was playing) in a sweatshirt with a tattered American flag printed on the back with ‘Trump’ written across it. I couldn’t help but think: did they have any idea the level of unapologetic queerness that was existing in the same building? I don’t think there could have been two more opposite demographics there last night, but I’m willing to bet so much money that the people in attendance at 4th Curtis’s album release show in The Entry had way more fun. Accompanied by local favs Ahem, Tony Peachka, and Lydia Liza, 4th Curtis succeeded in throwing the biggest queer-friendly party in The Entry since PWR BTTM in celebration of their debut album I Won The Pageant.

Unfortunately, I missed a majority of Ahem’s set, although the last few songs they did brought the same energy I remember seeing them with before. I am a big fan of their bassist, Sam Stahlmann, and her work with She Rock She Rock and other Minneapolis bands – cool lady. The room would fill up much more throughout the night, but those who were there during Ahem were enjoying themselves.

Next up was Tony Peachka. Ah, Tony, how I love you. I haven’t seen these beloved “clog-wavers” play in quite some time, but they never ever disappoint, in fact, I think I love them even more now. Tony drew some wild dancers to the front of the pit, flailing limbs, toothy smiles and all. Mid-set, Melissa gave the crowd a fare warning regarding the t.v. show Gossip Girl saying, “don’t let that be your only sex education!” The crowd lovingly sang along to favorites like “NYE”, “Dirt”, and “Knees”. Right before their last song, a fan screamed “Creeping Charlie!” and Tony happily broke into the guaranteed mosh-starter.

Lydia Liza took the stage next with her friend Evan Slack and they jumped right into an old Bomba De Luz song. After a brief intermission to prevent a supra-ventricular tachycardia episode and Evan playing some jazzy tunes for the crowd, Lydia was back. She made a joke about having enough time left in their set to redeem herself, but believe me, she had never lost anything with the audience; there was so much love for Lydia and her angel-goddess voice. She professed her love for Laura Marling before she taught everyone the chorus to “Howl At The Moon” and closed the set in a big sing-a-long of one of my favorites. (let it be known that I already knew every word to “Howl At The moon” and can scream-sing the Current studio live version pretty well in the car).

4TH CURTIS!!!! The self proclaimed “scrappy gay cripplepunk” band has been making waves, being of mine and many other’s knowledge, as the only all-trans band in Minneapolis currently. After their first song, “Nobody’s Listening”, the band introduced each member, Lex Noens, Ty Gale, and Maddie Morley, with the funniest little intros; they had the crowd erupting. Based on the amount of dancing and scream-singing, “Anjali” was an obvious favorite, also my personal fav off I Won The Pageant. I want to give a shout out to Ty and Maddie for their lip-syncing and pantomiming of the lyrics throughout the entire set – love it.

Halfway through, there was a little skit the introduced the song “Chicken” involving a grocery bagged filled with tin foil-wrapped fried chicken; some was eaten, some was thrown into the crowd, and some was regretfully spit into Tony Peachka’s set-list because they “didn’t calculate for chewing time!” 4th Curtis closed the night with an oldie but goodie of theirs, “Hercule”. The audience was singing along and dancing, there was laughter and smiling, Ty’s shirt came off, pageant sashes on; it was a beautiful sight and space that I’m happy to have been a part of.

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