Alex G, Japanese Breakfast, and CENDE @ 7th St Entry 6/27

Working in a kindergarten classroom is exhausting and that’s all I’m going to say in defense of me posting these photos so late! I hadn’t seen or heard CENDE (pronounced like “send” I was confused too lol) before and I really enjoyed their set. Japanese Breakfast crushed it as always, playing a lot of newer songs as well as old favorites. And (SANDY) Alex G, I really have no words. I wasn’t ever a huge fan, just didn’t get into his grungier, bedroom-pop, sad-boy tunes as much, but the twangier Rocket that just came out this year, and now having seen him live, I’ve changed my mind. Weird and expressive is really the only words that I come to mind as I watched Alex G’s set and I liked that a lot of the songs were performed a lot louder and rowdier than the recorded versions. But anyways there’s some photos below, enjoy!

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