Hound’s Upcoming Album: Born Under 76

My dad previewed the upcoming album from Philly-based ” proto metal/hard rock influenced band” Hound. Born Under 76 is due for release October 20th. Here’s what he had to say:

“Their sound is straightforward rock and roll – nothing flashy. It can get a bit grimy at times and that’s a good thing. I don’t like to equate band’s sound and styling to one and another, but for the sake of giving you a good idea of what to expect, I will. On first listen to Hound’s upcoming full length, Born Under 76, I can hear some Clutch, Monster Magnet and Melvin’s all balled up into one. If you are into rock with a little of that bluesy grunge and punk tendencies, then I think you will enjoy this.

As I went through the album I could envision them in a dingy, smoke-filled, hole-in-the-wall club, with a rowdy crowd. The stand out tracks for me are “Aqualamb” and “Demon Eyes.” I think they best represent and encompass the overall sound and feel of the entire album. I really enjoyed the album and if you are interested, the new album, Born Under 76, will be available Oct 20. Hound is also in town tonight at the Minneapolis Eagles Club – if you have the evening off, check them out!”

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