Destroyer with Mega Bog @ Fine Line 1/18/18

Got Any Tunes’s first ever double booking?! Yes, that’s right! The sweetest Joey Hammer went out to the Destroyer and Mega Bog show last night at the Fine Line Music Cafe to take some photos. Joey’s take aways of the gig: good show with soft grunge sounds, and Erin Birgy of Mega Bog said she forgot her shoes and the ones she was wearing made her feel like a dork, but they were cool!

Mega Bog just released an LP in 2017 titled Happy Together, after collaborations with EZTV and Big Thief. Destroyer also had a 2017 release, ken, after New Pornographers, a band Destroyer front man Dan Bejar worked with for years, released their first album without him.

Photos by Joe Hammer

Mega Bog




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