End of the year lists 2016 pt. 1: Albums

To those of you who know me well, you may know that I make a stupid amount of lists, and considering how unorganized my life tends to be, they are definitely useless. BUT end of the year music lists are so important. So. Important.

Here is a list of my favorite albums from 2016 and a cryptic little memory for each one 🙂

Drive North // SWMRS (Cole Becker is woke af and wrote a song about Tavi ❤ and thank gravity for Stove Rowe)

You Are Going To Hate This // The Frights (February first time, July roadtrip to Orlando and Richard isn’t even there, w/o Abi in November)

The Ride // Catfish and the Bottlemen (best night of my life with Syd and Margie :’) hand holding keeps the magic flowing)

Teens of Denial // Carseat Headrest (first album bought in MN after six months)

Sales LP // Sales (Florida band for a Florida spring)

Ugly Cherries // PWR BTTM (“In the meantime, I hope you enjoy looking at my face flooded with light from all the correct angles!” Alone and teary-eyed the first time in person)

Next Thing // Frankie Cosmos (highway 95 is a big one that brings you to coffee shops in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami that smell like St. Paul)

No Burden // Lucy Dacus (Spacewitch moved home!)

The Altar // Banks (gettin ready and going out)

Cardinal // Pinegrove (homesick at the beach, wonderful messages from the cool little sister I wish I had)

BONUS shout out to bands with mom in their names cause I was really into mom bands this year, also these were both released in 2015 lol.

Momentary Lapse of Happily // Adult Mom (TOLD YA SO)

Amy Locust Whatever // Cyberbully Mom Club (“I think you’ll like this”)

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