The Happy Children and Early Eyes @ Triple Rock Social Club 12/29

Well kids, I’m not really sure where to start this piece, there were lots of things that happened and it was such a good show. I’m trying to refrain from making this a long post due to time constraints plus also personal laziness because I woke up way too early for work this morning and need a nap, so we’ll keep things short and sweet.

First and foremost, thanks to The Happy Children for having me despite an immense amount of list issues within the past week. The band started strong and finished even stronger, playing tracks off their latest release, Small Talk, with a few new ones here and there. The Happy Children have an evidently fervent fan base that has much crossover with local favs Hippo Campus. Also, please go check out the music video for “Honest Boy“; it makes me nostalgic for memories that I don’t even have. Great job, guys.

Closing the show that night was Early Eyes, a band I hadn’t ever heard before, but have been told great things about. I was blown away and how much I loved their funk- influenced indie rock tunes. Their whole set I kept thinking of a certain fellow Amerilady, Abigail, who taught me to appreciate funk and soul music more than I did in years past; thanks Abi :*

The highlight of the night was probably when The Happy Children joined Early Eyes on stage, mid-song, in their underwear, dancing. It resulted in Caleb climbing the drum kit and mooning the audience, revealing a temporary sharpie tattoo of “The Happy Children” scribbled on his left cheek. Weird as it seems, the crowd was into it; everyone was having fun.

Here are some random notebook dumps followed by a full album of photos that I’m really proud of, enjoy!

  • Chanting “Judah had a stroke!”
  • Half these kids can’t mosh…
  • Caleb throws Judah
  • Teenagers are the best ❤ ❤ ❤
  • “Tomorrow” is gonna f*** some kids up one day




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