Avenues for Youth Benefit @ Art House North 3/18/17

A stacked lineup for a great cause, what more could you ask for! Bands of the night included Snake Posse, Crosswalk, Early Eyes, and The Happy Children. I want to say I’m sorry to Snake Posse for dropping the ball again and missing their set – I’m perpetually late for everything always – I really do hope to see them sometime in the future. It was my first time seeing Crosswalk live and they were real impressive. Crosswalk’s front man, Duncan Macklem-Johnson, is actually the mastermind behind the nights event, having started this as a school project, though it turned into so much more. How many more reviews until Got Any Tunes? turns into an Early Eyes/ The Happy Children fan website? I can’t count the number of their shows I’ve gone to in just the past few months, but both bands were outstanding as always. I am so appreciative that this was only like the second or third time I’ve ever been inside a church, and I’m so glad this is what it was for. The show ended up raising over $1,400 to help young people ages 16-24 in the twin cities area who are experiencing homelessness – you can learn more about Avenues for Youth here! Some fun photos below 🙂

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