This Will Destroy You with Emma Ruth Rundle @ Fine Line 3/20/17

Hi there kiddos, this post is waaaaay too late for my liking, but its been a wild past couple of weeks and I still want to share these. My Super Cool Dad™ and I went specifically to see This Will Destroy You, who we’ve both been fans of for a long time now. Throw back to when my dad made me “check out this band” and their then-new album Young Mountain (2006). TWDY blew my mind, so SO good. My dad knew more about Emma Ruth Rundle than myself; in a recent Facebook post to my wall, he described her as, “Give the whole album a spin, very PJ Harvey meets Patty Smith meets TWDY meets a little bit of Nirvana and Haley Bonar and LOW. Its good.”

My dad may have more to add later, and I’ll keep this updated, but for now, photos are below! Enjoy!

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