Katatonia, Caspian, and Uncured @ Fine Line 4/14/17

“Maia’s Dad’s Inaugural Concert Review”

First off, I would like to thank my little girl, Maia, for letting me live vicariously through her and her website. A brief history of me, Maia’s dad: I have been a fan of music my whole life, and the late 80s and early 90s music scene had the biggest influence on me. I have a very diverse taste in music – Industrial, Metal, Grunge, Hardcore, Indie, Alternative, almost all things music. I am that guy that loves to find new bands and share it with anyone who will listen. I could talk music and bands and concerts all day, just ask Maia. I’ve attended hundreds of shows, and live music is the absolute best way to experience music. There’s just a certain feeling that you can’t get anywhere else when you see an artist or band perform live.

Opening the show is a new band Uncured hailing from New York City. The core of the band is two brothers, Rex and Zak Cox, with some massive skills. If you are into guitar driven old school thrash like Megadeath, Anthrax, Overkill, and you like some east coast hardcore like Biohazard, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, and also some progressive metal like Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Porcupine Tree, then here ya go. I was absolutely blown away by their guitar skills, and for only being 16 and 18 years old, they will have plenty to offer in the coming years. A shout out to James Callahan, Uncured’s Tour Manager, thanks for the beer and conversation.

Up next was Caspian, and being a fan of what I have dubbed as metal shoegaze, these guys fit the bill. Having recently seen my favorite of this genre, This Will Destroy You, and having been unsure how well this genre would play out in a live set, but I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful and emotional this style is live. These guys fucking blew me away- each member working off of one another in perfect unison like a well-oiled machine. Their stage present demanded your attention all without saying a word, and mainly using back-lighting made for a very intense and ominous, yet appropriate vibe to their live show. If given the chance, go see Caspian live – they will not disappoint.

Having been a fan of Katatonia for 10 years or more, and to finally get to see them live was an absolute thrill for me. They were everything and more to see live. Treating the crowd to nearly a 90 minute set with a 3 song encore just didn’t seem to be enough. Being a fan of all things music, you tend to put bands on the proverbial pedestal. Having spent the evening with these guys, Katatonia’s humbleness was obvious; they were as grateful to be playing for us as the fans were to be there. These gents proved that they can transcend beyond the stigmata of a questionable time period that is the nineties.

Having a history of several lineup changes, I was a little concerned that I might not get the fix I so badly needed from Katatonia live. Undoubtedly, they delivered a strong performance; the harmonies and dual leads were spot on, and the drummer Рholy fuck! With the new/newer members playing together as if they were part of the band from start made for a stunning performance. I would like to personally thank Katatonia and their management for allowing my daughter, Maia, and I to attend an amazing show and get some kick-ass pictures.

Thanks again to my little girl, I had a blast!
Love You Kid.

Words by Joel Jacobson. Photos by Maia.

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