Colin Campbell & The Shackletons and Remo Drive @ The Whole 5/5/17

This was the first time I’ve seen The Shackletons live – I’ve heard a lot of buzz about them but very seriously had never listened to their music and I was gladly surprised! Not sure what I was expecting, but their blues-infused, rock and roll tunes were a fun time nonetheless and they got the crowd moving before every Minneapolis college kid’s favorite “indie-emo-punk” band, Remo Drive took the stage. I was also surprised to find that half of the famed and forgotten local band Blatant Youth was in the building, one member playing and one emceeing. I think  Early Eyes said it best, or tweeted rather, “there’s nothing better than the sweaty half-hugs that take place in a mosh pit. Love. @RemoDrive.” It was such a nice break from writing final papers and essays – I loved everything that night and have the best friends to share music with :’)

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