Alex Napping @ Seward Cafe 5/19/17

Well this weekend was one that usually kicks off the warm weather and happy, almost-summer vibes with the beloved Art-a-Whirl, but MPLS was met with some unfortunately cold and rainy weather. BUT it might have been a good thing because then I didn’t feel bad about going to a show that wasn’t part of the Art-a-Whirl lineups.

Alex Napping played the Seward Cafe Friday night with support from local loves 4th Curtis, Wetter, and Gully Boys. The Austin, TX band is on tour in support of their latest album release, Mise En Place. After having seen them perform live, they just solidified my love for artists on Father/Daughter Records.

Opening their set with a weird, energetically calm presence about them and their playing, Alex Napping fit perfectly into the Seward Cafe scene. The band started with a few of their more chill songs off the new album, like “Tender” and “Fault”, before stepping it up towards the end.

There was exuberant dancing from Alex Napping’s bassist, Tomas Garcia-Olano, throughout their whole set, no matter the song tempo. Right before they played their last song, lead singer, Alex Cohen, invited the audience to “scoot a little closer for [their] last song. . . if you want,” the crowd did so without issue as the band started in on “Temperamental Bed.”

Thanks to everyone for a lovely night šŸ™‚

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