3TEETH @ Amsterdam Bar and Hall 7/21

“Maia’s Dad’s Second Concert Review”

So growing up in the 90s, the music culture was ripe with all kinds of new genres of music most notably was the Grunge movement that swept the scene. Along with grunge was the industrial sound that spawned such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, KMDFM, Skinny Puppy to name a few. This style of music was based around fusing several styles new wave, sampling/programming, electronica, and metal.

This brings me to 3TEETH; they are an Industrial band out of Los Angeles that has come on to the scene with guns blazing. They were tapped by Tool to open for them on several of their tour dates also for Germany’s own Rammstein. I was fortunate to witness their show last Friday night with my lovely daughter Maia.

They have a stage presence that is high energy, aggressive, calculated, and at times a little intimidating. The banter with the fans was friendly, humble, and amusing. They have nailed the sound and imagery of what an industrial band was and should be. They have a powerful sound with pounding beats and crushing guitar riffs that not only get the blood pumping but is amazing to watch live. I would highly recommend giving these guys a shot if you have even a little interest in the industrial sound.

My hopes are that they reopen the door for this genre and pave the way for others, the same way NIN did back in the day. Check out their latest release, Shutdown; they also have some very provocative videos on YouTube. Here are some Pics Maia shot at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall. Thanks!

Editor’s note: Thanks to my dad for being the coolest and writing this, but he asked me to add some of my own input on the show, so here’s where I’ll do that! I honestly hadn’t listened to 3TEETH at all before the show, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My dad likes to “prep” me for the crowds when we go to shows together, or if I’m going to see a band he’s into, but think I can handle a lot when it comes to crowd rowdiness – I’ve seen more people hurt in basement mosh pits than any venue with a touring metal band.

Whenever I roll up to shows like this with a real tough looking crowd and get in for free and get to shoot the bands, I feel like a real bad ass haha. I ended up really enjoying 3TEETH a lot more than I thought I would; they have an incredible stage presence that really keeps your attention the entire time and are extremely photogenic. I haven’t decided what I think about the lead singer wearing his own band’s logo on the back of his jacket, but I am very into the prehistoric-transformer-looking mic stand; that’s dedication to the look lol. Overall, super impressed and I’d definitely go again!



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