Girlpool with Palm and Lala Lala @ Triple Rock 10/23

First things first; RIP Triple Rock Social Club, you are so loved. Below is another ~LiSt~ and also photos!

  • Lala Lala are my new favorites – they killed it and you should always go see the openers
  • one English accent and so many braids
  • That cutie I saw at work the other day is here in a red blazer (!)
  • Sean and Hannah and Leah :’)
  • Palm is for a specific audience – the guys behind us loved it. Hannah hated it.
  • Palm is moving to MPLS soon, go check em out!
  • Baby Leah is so happy about Girlpool and so not happy about college (who is really?)
  • Cleo just got their wisdom teeth out and damn can they sing!
  • I wish I was brave enough for lime green eye shadow – such a cool look, Harmony
  • Even though a lot of us would’ve liked them to have played “Before The World Was Big”, still an amazing set
  • Finished with “Chinatown” and everyone was good and happy.

Lala Lala






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