Soccer Mommy @ The Cedar Cultural Center 11/01/17

A couple weeks have past since this show, and I’m blaming school for the late post. BUT below are a couple shots from when Soccer Mommy (my second favorite band with some form of the word mom in their name – stay tuned for end of the year lists in December) played the Cedar, as well as a **~HoT tAkE~** by non other than Minneapolis’s number one Soccer Mommy fan, one of the greatest people I know, Margie Yetzer :’)

“She [Sophie Allison] is a queen! She’s a go to when I’m sad and even more when I’m just thinking and walking because she makes great comments on relationships that are one-sided or lopsided and she has such a beautiful and unique voice. I love “Blood Honey” when she gets all nasally and for some reason that is so pure and honest to me!!! Also her all brown outfit at the show was A Look™.”



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